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10 Feb Load Data
Nelson Tony 0 3019
Load data can be found on the powder manufacturer's web sites listed below.These links open new windows on their respective web sites.Click the logos to see the load data.(Includes data for the following powder brands.)ACCURATEBLACKHORNHODGDONIMRRAMSHOTWINCHESTERCartridge specifications can be found..
10 Feb Information on Hi-Tek coated bullets
Nelson Tony 0 2069
Hi-Tek Supercoat Bullets greatly reduce the amount of smoke normally associated with cast wax bulletsLead fouling of the bore is drastically reduced or in most cases, eliminated completelyHi-Tek Supercoated bullets gives off no toxins or particulate matter when firedThe Hi-Tek coating is 100% non ab..
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