Nicholas (Nick) Hauser

How did you get started in the shooting world?

Growing up I never shot guns, maybe BB guns here and there but nothing with bang. Getting towards the end of my high school days I had no idea what I wanted to do or what my future would hold for me. 2009 comes around and it was time to decide... the Marine corps is what I would decide to do. My love for guns and shooting took off. Not having a background with shooting and being a perfectionist I absorbed all the fundamentals like a sponge. Being a marine infantry rifleman I knew my life and others would depend on it, specially in a time of war. I knew what I signed up for. 2011, The time had come. I’m on a combat deployment to one of the deadliest places in Afghanistan, Helmand province, specifically the Sangin valley area. What a adventure that was, physically and mentally but I made it home in 2012. 2013 rolls around and it’s time for me to start the next chapter in my life, get a normal civilian job. Took off in the oil and gas field and haven’t stopped since. It has funded my expensive hobbies and lifestyle along the way. Since my time in the marines, shooting was a passion and big part of my life. 2020 what a year it was. So many changes. With a lot of extra time on my hands a buddy suggested shooting competitively. Once that idea was planted I took off full send. Starting first with USPSA I also dabbled in 3 gun but realized I enjoyed USPSA pistol shooting and how the availability of local matches would let me feed my new addiction. Within months I’m shooting on the same level as people that were in the sport for years, it felt good and pushed me even more. Shooting 3-4 matches a week. Recently I have cut back a bit due to another life changer and the expecting of some twins, but my passion for shooting will live on and the competition world will still be seeing me around.

USPSA division and pistol of choice?

Carry optics division Pistol: CZ shadow 2 OR with trijicon SRO.

Ammo components of choice?

Summit city coated bullets round nose 147gr hitek coated lead projectile, Allient sport pistol powder, Federal small pistol primers.

How far would you like to go in your USPSA career?

I think the sky is the limit. Hoping to get to GM within the next couple of years will be a great accomplishment. I set goals and give it my all to make it happen.

EDC setup?

Gen 5 Glock 45 9mm mos with trijicon rmr type 2


Nick Roberts

 How did I get started in shooting?

My dad showed me how to shoot my first real gun when I was 5 - 6 years old, on a Ruger .22 revolver. We would go out to the desert here in AZ and shoot regularly  all through my childhood and as an adult. For most of my life I shot rifles and preferred them over pistols. In summer of 2019 my buddy told me about pistol shooting competitions that I had never heard of and I decided I would try getting better at my least favorite shooting. I shot my first pistol match Dec of 2019 and I became hooked. I primarily shot IDPA during my first year shooting in 2020, and was able to bring home a 1st place win in the Expert class of CDP, at the 2021 South Mountain Showdown in Jan 2021 of this year.

I started dabbling in USPSA late in 2020 and this year it has become my main focus of competition as well as a dedication to shooting training.

>>>>>Divisions and pistol of choice? 

I compete in USPSA Single Stack as well as IDPA Custom Defensive Pistol, and Enhanced Service Pistol divisions. 

I primarily shoot an STI Spartan in .45ACP, customized by myself. 

>>>>>> Ammo components? 

Summit City coated 230gr .45acp
Vithavouri Powder
Federal Primers

>>>>>How far would I like my shooting career to go? 

As far as my wallet will take me! Haha

In seriousness, Id like to make USPSA Master by the end of 2021. As well as IDPA Master. I'll be competing at the 2021 Wilson Combat Rocky Mountain Regional in may and hope to bring home another CDP trophy. 

>>>>>> EDC setup? 

Ruger SR1911 5" 


The names Miller, Andrew Miller. LOL

         So I'm not real sure how shooting became a passion for me , as no one in my family was ever really that into guns. I just remember that whenever I turned 18 I bought my first rifle and at 21 my first handgun. Shooting was something I just came to love. In 2018 I started my competitive shooting career in steel challenge (SCSA) and it quickly became a sport I came to enjoy and love. The best part of shooting competitively is getting to meet other shooters who enjoy shooting just as much, if not with more passion than yourself.  
         In the few years of shooting this sport I've quickly  gained several achievements and awards most recently winning several class awards at Free state steel challenge championship (Oct 2020) and what I consider the greatest achievement in my shooting career to this point  making the coveted  Club 13, being classified in all 13 divisions of SCSA.
        I did however have a setback at the end of 2020 when I had an accident at my "normal job" and cut the side of my trigger finger off (Nov 2020). Thankfully I'm on the road to recovery and just this past week was able to shoot my first match in 4 months. Only PCC and Rimfire rifle for now but hopefully in time I'll get back to my favorite division of Carry optics.

        Well I like to shoot them all, but I'd say CO is probably my fav. My Current classifications are as follows: RFRO - M class   RFRI - B class  PCCO - M class  PCCI - B class  RFPO - A class  RFPI - A class  OPN - B class  CO - M class  PROD - A class  LTD - B class  SS - B class  OSR - B class  ISR - D class ( if I ever get my trigger finger back to full use I'd like to focus on this one)

Future Goals
         1) shoot worlds - was hoping to do this  this year but unfortunately due to injury that wont be happening, maybe next year.
         2) make A class or better in all 13 divisions
         3) continue winning even as the competition gets harder the higher classes I climb

Favorite load
          Summit city 147gr RN / Shooters world clean shot or Titegroup  / Primers, well whatever I can find but usually Fiocchi

Favorite gun(s)
            For most handgun divisions I use Canik tp9SFx.
            For PCC its my own build
            For rimfire rifle SW15-22
            For rimfire pistol Ruger mkiv tactical (with mods)